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Forest Tree Leader Archive:

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Bylaws, History, Programs, etc.

$1,000.00 College Scholarship Awarded, November 2011
2002 CCFFA Annual Meeting
2004 Annual Meeting Review
2005 Awards Banquet
2006 Awards Banquet
2006 Native Plant Sale Recap
2011 Clackamas Woodland Farmers Honored
2011 OSWA Annual Meeting in Baker City
2012 Chemical Sale CCFFA Benefit
2013 Budget and 2012 Comparison
4th Annual College Scholarship Application Available January 1
Activities Report, November 2012
American Tree Farm System Members Invited to be a Charter Member, August 2012
Annual Tree Farmer Banquet held on October 25, 2008
Arbor Day Sale
A Report from CCFFA Secretary
A Summary of CCFFA Board Actions at the November 2008 and January 2009 Meetings
Awards Given to Top Tree Farmers, February 2011
Awesome Arbor Day Sale Nets Over $1,800
Banquet Salutes Tree Farmers
Caldwell Wins Again!
Carters Selected Oregon State Tree Farmers of the Year
CCFFA Annual Meeting 1999
CCFFA Annual Meeting 2000
CCFFA – An Historical Perspective
CCFFA 1957 to 2007 - A Look Back at the First 50 Years
CCFFA Annual Summer Picnic & Tree Farm Award Visit, 1995
CCFFA 2011 Annual Summer Picnic & Tree Farm Tour / 2012 Woodland Farmer of the Year
CCFFA 2012-13 Seedling Reservation Request Form
CCFFA Bylaws
CCFFA College Scholarship Application Available on Website
CCFFA Membership Committee, November 2011
CCFFA Native Plant Sale Breaks Record
CCFFA Programs Enlightening
CCFFA Seedling Committee Update
CCFFA September 2008 Board Meeting Summary
CCFFA Summer Picnic and Tree Farm Tour
CCFFA Tree Farmer of the Year Teaches Others
CCFFA Tree Farmer Picnic, Nov. 2010
CCFFA Wants You! February 2012
CCFFA Wants You! Spring 2014
CCFFA Web Site Keeps You Up-to-Date
CCFFA Welcomes New Members, August 1999
CCFFA Welcomes New Members, November 1999
Clackamas County Farm Forestry Association—An Historical Perspective
Clackamas-Marion Forest Protection Association
Clackamas River Basin Council News – Changing of the “Guard”
Clackamas River Basin Council Update
Clackamas Tree Farmer Banquet Recognizes Diverse Contributions
Clackamas Tree Farmers Honored
Clackamas Tree Farms Recognized at 2002 Banquet
College Scholarships Become New Membership Benefit
Council Update
Cousins Awarded CCFFA College Scholarships
Department Plans Wage Survey
Dinner Events Honor Tree Farmers, August 2004
Dinner Events Honor Tree Farmers, August 2009
Diverse Contributions Recognized at Clackamas Tree Farmer Banquet
DON’T FORGET!! October 24-27, 1996 Third National Tree Farmer Convention in Portland
Group E-mail Notifications, May 2013
Family Forest Fair
Fifth Annual CCFFA College Scholarships
Forest Gauchos Featured at Annual Meeting
Forest-Tree Leader Has New Editor
How Are Our Association Dues Spent?
How Oregon Fits into the Tree Farm System
Join the Tree Farmer of the Year Tour & Summer Picnic
Join Us for the Annual Summer Picnic and Tour
Logger Association Certifying “Oregon-Pro Loggers"
Major Incentive Programs Available to Family Forestland Owners
Membership Committee Annual Report, May 2012
Membership Committee News, August 2012
Membership Committee Report, August 2009
Minutes of CCFFA Annual Meeting, May 2012
Native Plant Sale, 2003
Native Plant Sale 2007 Review
New CCFFA Members, May 2010
New Clackamas County Farm Forestry Members, November 2010
New District Forester Getting Acquainte
New Managing Editor for Forest-Tree Leader, May 2013
New Members Needed Year Around
New Membership Strategies, November 2011
New OSWA Director
ODF’s Private and Community Forests Program on the Cascade District
Opportunities to Participate
Oregon Hosts International Forestry Extention
Oregon Tree Farm System Meeting and Lunch
Oregon Tree Farm System Selection Guide
Oregon Board of Forestry Vision Statements
Oregon Small Woodlands Association News, Spring 2014
Oregon Woodland Cooperative
OSWA 2000 Annual Meeting Plans for Hood River
OSWA and CCFFA Joint Annual Meeting in 2010
OSWA Annual Meeting—April 7-9, 2005
OSWA Annual Meeting Ends on a High Note
OSWA Annual Meeting Schedule, 2000 
OSWA Annual Meeting, August 2010
OSWA Invites Input
OSWA Is An Active Group
OSWA/CCFFA Annual Meeting Coming Soon!
OSWA Publications Benefit Members
Our Website Gets Better Every Day!
Outstanding Tree Farmers Recognized by Oregon Tree Farm System
Planning Ahead for Arbor Day 2005
Programs Snowball through Warm Dry Winter
Quilt Raffle to Fund Sixth Annual College Scholarships
Random Sorts From the Back Forty
Scholarships Awarded
Sixth Annual College Schlarship
State Tree Farm Luncheon Recognizes Achievements
Students Awarded $1,000 CCFFA Scholarships
The American Tree Farm System - What is it and What’s in it for me?
The Clackamas-Marion Forest Protective Association
The Organization of the CCFFA — 50 Years Ago
Tree Farm Award Winners Speak Out
Tree Farmer Banquet Held on October 17, 2009
Tree Farmer Recognition Banquet 2012, August 2012
Tree Farmer Recognition Banquet 2012, November 2012
Tree Farmers WANTED!
Top Clackamas Tree Farms Recognized at 2003 Banquet
Top Tree Farmers Honored
Top Tree Farmers in Clackamas County Recognized
The TREE MENDOUS Butts – 1997 Oregon Tree Farmer of the Year
Treasurer Report and Website Update, August 2009
Treasurer Report and Website Update, November 2009
Treasurer Report, February 2010
Treasurer's Report, February 2012
Treasurer Report, May 2010
Treasurer Report, May 2011
Treasurer Report, May 2012
Treasurer Report, August 2011
Treasurer Report, August 2012
Treasurer’s Report, November 2010
Treasurer's Report, November 2011
Treasurer's Report, November 2012
Tree Farmers Recognized for Outstanding Work
Two $1,000 College Scholarships Awarded, August 2007
Two $1,000 College Scholarships Awarded, May 2010
Seventh Annual Scholarship Winners Announced, August 2012
Watershed Council for the Clackamas Update
We Need Your Input!
Website Popular
Welcome New 2009 Members
Wettlaufer Family Wins Tree Farmer Award
What is CCFFA and How Can it Help Me?
Why Should We Be Members of the CCFFA?
Winners of 2012 CCFFA College Scholarships, November 2012
Woodland Farmer of the Year Summer Picnic and Tour, 2004
Woodland Information by Internet
Woodland Owner of the Year Recognition, November 2012—Re-introducing the CCFFA Website
Year 2000 OSWA Annual Meeting

Christmas Trees

1999 Sales Rise
Attention Christmas Tree Growers
Beware When Selling Christmas Trees
Beyond Bare-Ground: Organic Christmas Trees in the South
Christmas Tree Calendar, February 1998
Christmas Tree Calendar, August 1998
Christmas Tree Calendar, November 1998
Christmas Tree Calendar, February 1999
Christmas Tree Calendar, May 1999
Christmas Tree Calendar, August 1999
Christmas Tree Calendar, August 2008
Christmas Tree Fair and Trade Show Planned
Christmas Tree Insect and Disease Guide
Christmas Tree Marketing Association Active
Christmas Tree News
Christmas Tree Pests
Christmas Tree Related Web Resources
Christmas Tree Short Courses Being Offered
Christmas Tree Tidings
Christmas Tree Websites
Christmas Trees—What Lies Ahead
Clackamas County Christmas Tree Growers Marketing Association
Decorated Christmas Trees
Donations of Christmas Trees to Military Families
Fertilizing Christmas Trees - Part I
Fertilizing Christmas Trees—Part II
Free Tree Care Banners and Fliers Available
Going Green: Using Ladybugs to Control Aphids in Christmas Trees
It’s Only a Tree
Keeping Your Christmas Tree Fresh
Late Season Weed Control for Christmas Trees
Mexico Imposes Tariffs on Christmas Trees
National Christmas Tree Association Convention Nearing
Need Help Marketing Your Christmas Trees? Consider Belonging to the Christmas Tree Marketing Association
New Website about Christmas Trees / New Insecticide Available for Christmas Trees
Print Tree Tags and Promote Clackamas County!
Real Christmas Trees: The History of a Symbol of Family Tradition
Seed Zone Adaptations
Shipping Christmas Trees
Shipping Christmas Trees in 2004
Support for Military Families Appreciated

Hopkins Demonstration Forest and Forests Forever

’99 Eventful at Hopkins
A Soggy CCFFA Workday at Hopkins on October 9th, 2010 = Plan B
CCFFA Leads October Community Day at Hopkins Demonstration Forest, November 2011
CCFFA-sponsored Work Day at the Hopkins Demonstration Forest in October 2009
CCFFA Workday at Hopkins Demonstration Forest, November 2012
Change at Hopkins Memorial Tree Farm, 2004
Classroom Building Construction Begins, 2009
Classroom Building Fund Gaining Momentum, 2008
Construction Beginning on Hopkins Classroom, May 2010
Daydreaming, August 2005
Friends of Hopkins—come join us!
Forest Hall Fundraising Now Complete. February 2012
Forest Hall is Ready for Classes and Meetings, May 2012
Forests Forever, INC, August 1995
Forests Forever, INC, August 1996
Forests Forever, INC, August 1998
Forests Forever, INC, November 1995
Forests Forever, INC, November 1996
Forests Forever, INC, November 1998
Forests Forever, INC, February 1998
Forests Forever, INC, February 1999
Forests Forever Update, August 2011
Forest of Arts
Gifts of Land, People and Community, 2008
Hopkins Demonstration Forest Hosts Businesses, 2006
Hopkins Tree Farm Expanded, New Opportunities Arise, 2005
Learning Out in the Woods is Fun
Learning to Measure Growth in Your Woodland, 2004
Legacies—Old and New at Hopkins Tree Farm, 2003
More Hopkins Updates, May 2010
New Education Consortium Supports Hopkins Memorial Tree Farm, 2004
New Forests Forever Programs Beckon Woodland Visitors, 2003
Planting the Future, May 2012
Programs Continue While New Facilities Take Shape at Hopkins, 2008
Ram’s Dell Educational and Research Forest, 2002
Rams Dell OSU Satellite Forest, 2000
Spring at Hopkins Demonstration Forest, 2011
Summer School for Teachers, August 2012
Teachers Take to the Woods, 2009
The History of Hopkins Memorial Tree Farm, 2001
Tree Farmer All-stars Cut, Chip, Spray at Hopkins, 2007
Tree Farmers Learn and Share at Hopkins, 2009 
Volunteers Build Classroom at Hopkins Demonstration Forest, 2010
What’s New at Hopkins? November 2010
When a Community Comes Together, 2009 

Member Profiles and Interviews

A Tribute to Wendell Harmon
An Interview with our own Dan Green, Retiring Clackamas County Forester
Bob Kintigh – Oregon Small Woodlands Assoc. President 1968-71
Bondi Now Staff Chair, Too
Bruno Paul (B.P.) John
Carol Suzuki, Arbor Day Friend
CCFFA Board Members, May 2011
Christensen, “Behind the Scenes” Leadership
Clyde Ebb Ramsay
David Douglas 1799-1833
Denny Miles, Executive Director OSWA
Does Local Firewood Burn Warmer? An interview with Derek Craven, President of CCFFA
Ems was CCFFA Pioneer
Fir Vista Tree Farm
First CCFFA President Passes Away
George Fenn 1924-2009 Innovative Woodland Owner
Gilbert Shibley, CCFFA Board Member
Helmig Tree Farm
In Memory: Kim Salem
Interview with Dan Green
Interview with Dave Harmon, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with Dave Hill, CCFFA Secretary/Treasurer
Interview with Dave Saunders, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with Derek Craven, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with Dick Caldwell, CCFFA President
Interview with Doug Shannon, CCFFA Board member and Legislative Liaison
Interview with Frank Schenck, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with Jack Carter, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with Jean McCloskey, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with Jim Schreiber, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with Jim Wick, CCFFA President
Interview with Joe Grassl, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with John Belton, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with Kathy Usher
Interview with Kevin Kaster, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with Larry Stone, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with Lester Farmer, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with Loren Bowman, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with Lynn Butts, CCFFA Legislative Chair
Interview with Mike Bryant, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with Mitch Triplett, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with Rick Safranski, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with Scott Hanson, CCFFA Secretary/Treasurer
Interview with Sena Sanguinetti
Interview with Stan Beyer, CCFFA Secretary/Treasurer
Interview with Tim Dahl, CCFFA Board Member
Interview with Walt Garvin,CCFFA Board Member
John Belton—Involved CCFFA Member, May 2013
John Foster, CCFFA Immediate Past President
John Poppino, Oregon Small Woodlands Association President 2000-04
John Rounds—OSWA President 1998-2000
Landgren on Leave
Lee Hunt — Oregon Small Woodlands President 1980-1981
Lynn Butts Remembered
Margaret Hopkins Leaves a Legacy... Forever
Memories of Tree Planting on the Family Tree Farm
New Board Member Interview—Barry Sims
New Board Member Interview—William Lenon
New Extension Forester—Mark Dreyer
New Member Spotlight–the Johnson Family
New Member Spotlight — The Farringtons
New Member Spotlight–the Scotts
New Member Spotlight—the Widmark’s
Paul Bishop Passing
Pioneering Loggers!
Remembering Clyde
Robert Mealey – Oregon Small Woodlands President 1982-1985
State Forester Takes New Position
Tom Ortman Recognized with SAF Award
Welcome New CCFFA Members—Jeff and Jaimee Parson
Welcome New Members—the Carroll’s
Welcome New Members—The Clement’s
Welcome New Members—the Conley’s
Welcome New Members—The Cravens
Welcome New Members—the Gribble’s
Welcome New Members—the Hempel’s
Welcome New Members—Diane Kelso & Peter Hoffman
Welcome New Members—The Lenons
Welcome New Members–The Sligers, November 2011
Welcome New Members—The Tiusanen’s
WENDALL HARMON, Oregon Small Woodlands Association President 1978-79
Zane Bryant in Log Loader Competition

OSU Extension (MWMs, Tree School, etc.)

2001 Tree School an Overwhelming Success
Additional MWM’s to Graduate
Calendars Marked? Tree School is March 27
Clackamas County’s Extension Endowment
Clackamas County Extension Service Report 
Clackamas County Extension Report - August 2010
Clackamas County OSU Extension Office has Helpful Publications and Contractor Lists
Exciting Forestry Programs Planned
Extending a Thank You to All!
Extension Changes
Extension Forestry Summer 2013
Extension Office Starts New District Hours
Extension Reorganization Finally Announced
Extension Report, May 2011
Extension Report, February 2012
Extension’s Contributions through the Forestry/Christmas Tree Program in Clackamas County—An Historical Perspective
Forestry Extension Update, Spring 2014
Forest Leadership Academy January 18-19, 2013
Forestry Extension Summer 2014 Highlights
Help Plan Tree School 2001
Kids, Cereal Boxes and Teenage Love (or What I Learned at Tree School)
“Leafing” an Imprint from Tree School, May 2013
Learning to Manage Your Woodlands
Many New Classes at Tree School 2006
Master Woodland Management Class Offers Extensive Training
Master Woodland Manager Training Coming
Master Woodland Manager Volunteers Provide Assistance in Extension Office
Master Woodland Managers
Master Woodland Managers Offer Assistance
MWM’s to the Rescue!
New Classes Being Considered for Tree School 2001
Observations on the Master Woodland Manager Class of 2000
OSU Extension Clackamas County Forestry Update, November 2011
OSU Extension Clackamas County Forestry Update, August 2012
OSU Extension Forestry Update, Fall 2014
OSU Extension Report, November 2010
OSU Extension Report, November 2012
OSU Extension Update, February 2011
OSU Extension Update, February 2015
OSU Forestry Dean Talks at Tree School
Planning Tree School ’04
Project Nets Extension Assistance
Shortcourse Coming Soon to West County
Special District for Extension Moving Forward
Spring Update from Extension, May 2013
Taking Potluck at Tree School
Thank You: CCFFA and Others Who Invest in Education
Third Annual Tree School Photo Contest Announced
Three Oregon Teachers on Summer Assignment
Tree School 2002 – Bigger and Better Than Ever
Tree School 2003
Tree School 2003—A Look Behind the Scene
Tree School 2006—the Best Ever
Tree School 2009 Ready to Roll—Sing Up Today!
Tree School 2012—deemed largest and best ever! May 2012
Tree School Another Success
Tree School Clackamas—an Awesome Many Faceted Production!
Tree School Coordinators Win Search for Excellence Awards
Tree School Helps New Tree Farmer
Tree School is March 25, 2006
Tree School is Scheduled and Volunteers are Needed
Tree School—March 19, 2005—A Sneak Preview!
Tree School Memories, May 2010
Tree School Photo Contest
Tree School Planning
Tree School Recap, May 2011
Tree School Report, May 2010
Tree School Update—Still Time to Register, but don’t wait long!
Tree School Volunteers Needed, February 2011
Tree School Volunteers Needed, November 2011
Tree School Was Great!
Wood Science and Engineering Lab, November 2012
Your Farm through the Lens
Your Next Cruise could be a Timber Cruise, May 2013

Politics and Policy

2001 Legislative Report
After Measure 64... A Forum for the Future
Amy Goes to Washington D.C.
Anti-Trapping Measure on November 2000 Ballot
ATFS Re-certification...where do you go from here?
Can I Reduce my Property Taxes by GrowingTrees on my Land or Farming it?
Clackamas County Tree Ordinance, November 2009
Clackamas County Tree Ordinance Update, May 2010 
Clackamas County Tree Ordinance Update, August 2010
Clackamas River Basin Council News: Elections for New Representatives to be Dec. 16
Clearcut Ban Measure Filed
Clint Bentz Transferred
Commissioners Approve Change in TemplateTest
Confusion Over OSU Extension Budget
Congressmen Schrader and Walden Announce Formation of Bipartisan Healthy Forests Caucus
“Death” Tax
Estate Tax Savings
Federal Reforestation Investment Tax Credit and Amortization
Filing Notification of Forest Operations with the State Forestry Office, May 2011
Forest Demonstrators
Forestland and Timber Taxes are Changing
Governor Vetoes Bill
Grandson of Measure 64 Petition Filed
Greenmail or Blackmail
Important Notice
Initiative Update
Leave Tree Requirement Continues
Legislative Report, November 2011
Legislative Report: Getting Back to the Basics, November 2001
New Standards for the American Tree Farm System, May 2010
NOTICE: Members in City Limits of Happy Valley
Observations of the 2009 Oregon Legislature Session
ODF Budget Update
ODF Changes
ODF’s North Cascade District
ODFW Proposed Rules Rejected
OFS Perspective
Oregon Department of Forestry News
Oregon Legislature Ends, Christmas Comes Early for Growers
OSWA’s 2013 Legislative Priorities
Post Measure 64 Efforts From Reactive to Proactive
Pro-Environmental Views Don’t Always Translate into Votes
Re-evavulation and Rebuilding of ODF Private Forests
Reforming the Endangered Species Act
Representative Kurt Schrader’s 1999 Legislative Report
Representative Roger Beyer’s 1999 Legislative Report
Residential Emphasis Forests
Residential Emphasis Forests—Opportunities and Challenges
Rural Voter Responsibility
Senate Bill 1010
Senate Bill 160
Small Tract Property Tax Deadline Nears
Son-Of-64 Initiate Filed
State Legislature Changes Forest Practices Act
Surviving Changes Facing Small Woodland Owners
Tax Information
The Bureau of Land Management’s Western Oregon Plan Revisions
The Oregon Afforestation Act of 1995 (A brief explanation by Senator Kintigh)
The Proposed LNG Pipeline
Tips on Testifying
Tree Cutting Ordinance Proposed
Tree Ordinanace – Final. Well, almost a final
Understanding Tax Program Changes in 2003
Update on Forest Tax Changes as of April 2001
What do Public Policy and Southeast Forestry Have in Common?
Workshop on Measure 37 and Forestry

President's Corner

CCFFA President's Corner, August 1995
CCFFA President's Corner, November 1995

CCFFA President's Corner, August 1996
CCFFA President's Corner, November 1996

CCFFA President's Corner, February 1998
CCFFA President's Corner, August 1998
CCFFA President's Corner, November 1998

CCFFA President's Corner, February 1999
CCFFA President's Corner, May 1999
CCFFA President's Corner, August 1999
CCFFA President's Corner, November 1999

CCFFA President's Corner, February 2000
CCFFA President's Corner, May 2000
CCFFA President's Corner, August 2000
CCFFA President's Corner, November 2000

CCFFA President's Corner, February 2001
CCFFA President's Corner, August 2001
CCFFA President's Corner, November 2001

CCFFA President's Corner, February 2002
CCFFA President's Corner, May 2002
CCFFA President's Corner, August 2002
CCFFA President's Corner, November 2002

CCFFA President's Corner, February 2003
CCFFA President's Corner, May 2003
CCFFA President's Corner, August 2003
CCFFA President's Corner, November 2003

CCFFA President’s Corner, February 2004
CCFFA President’s Corner, May 2004
CCFFA President’s Corner, August 2004
CCFFA President’s Corner, November 2004

CCFFA President's Corner, February 2005
CCFFA President's Corner, May 2005
CCFFA President's Corner, August 2005
CCFFA President's Corner, November 2005

CCFFA President's Corner, February 2006
CCFFA President's Corner, May 2006

CCFFA President's Corner, August 2006
CCFFA President's Corner, November 2006

CCFFA President's Corner, February 2007
CCFFA President’s Corner, May 2007
CCFFA President’s Corner, August 2007
CCFFA President’s Corner, November 2007

CCFFA President's Corner, February 2008
CCFFA President's Corner, May 2008
CCFFA President's Corner, August 2008
CCFFA President's Corner, November 2008

CCFFA President's Corner, February 2009
CCFFA President's Corner, May 2009
CCFFA President's Corner, August 2009
CCFFA President’s Corner, November 2009

CCFFA President’s Corner, February 2010
CCFFA President's Corner, May 2010 
CCFFA President's Corner, August 2010
CCFFA President's Corner, November 2010

CCFFA President's Corner, February 2011
CCFFA President's Corner, May 2011
CCFFA President's Corner, August 2011
CCFFA President's Corner, November 2011

CCFFA President's Corner, February 2012
CCFFA President's Corner, May 2012
CCFFA President's Corner - Stump Farmers, August 2012
CCFFA President’s Corner - The Gray Forest, November 2012

CCFFA President's Corner - If It Weren’t for Volunteers..., May 2013
CCFFA President’s Corner - Slash Burn, August 2013
Editorial - Sometimes I Don't get it... November 2013

CCFFA President's Corner - Wildlings, Spring 2014
CCFFA President's Corner - Summer 2014
CCFFA President's Corner - Fall 2014

CCFFA President's Corner - Winter 2015

Reforestation (Slash Disposal, Planting, Damage Control, etc.)

9-1-1 Peace of Mind
A Message About Tree Seedlings for 2011-2012
A New Look at Creating Forests

Avoiding Wildlife Damage to Northwest Conifers (Part 1)
Avoiding Wildlife Damage to Northwest Conifers (Part 2)
Avoiding Wildlife Damage - Wildlife Repellent Studies (Part 3)
Best Management Practices for Slash Piles
Boomer Baffles — Do They Work?
Burning Issues...
CCFFA Seedling Committee Update
CCFFA Seedling Program
Federal Reforestation Investment Tax Credit and Amortization
Fire on the Family Tree Farm
Fire Season Awareness—A Group Effort
From Cones to Seedlings
Growing Your Own Conifer Trees From Seed
Hands On Fire Science in Central Oregon
Lessons from the B and B Fire
Lots-a-Rocks Tree Farm Celebrates Reforestation Success
Now That’s Intensive Management!
Outlook for 2011 Fire Season—Clackamas County Area
Planting Genetically Improved Seedling—A Good Value for Most Landowners
Planting Trees Takes Planning
Please Explain . . .
Protecting Your Property from Wildfires
Protecting Your Seedlings From Browse Damage
Quick Reforestation Checklist
Reforestation Packet Available
Reforestation Seedlings Available
Seedling Sales – a few Trees Still Available
Seedling Update
Slash Burning Issues, May 2013
Slash Disposal Workshop Very Educational, May 2013
Slash Disposal Workshop Very Educational, November 2005
Teddy Bears Don’t Eat Trees
The Invasive Holly... Hunt to Kill
Thinking Fire Safety in Your Woodlands, May 2011

Thinking Fire Safety in Your Woodlands, August 2013
To All CCFFA Members within Clackamas County / Slash Burning Work Group
What’s Killing All Those Tree Seedlings?

Tour Highlights

A Bird’s-Eye View of our Tall, Northwest Forest
A Visit to Tree Farms in Linn County
B&B Complex Fires Tour
Butte Creek/Gilbert Ranch Tour–September 2009
CCFFA Educational Tour—Rain Cloud Tree Farm, August 2012
CCFFA Twilight Educational Tour — Cedar Creek Tree Farm
CCFFA Twilight Educational Tour—Craven Family Tree Farm
CCFFA Woodland Farmer of the Year Tour & Summer Picnic, August 1, 2009
The Cedar Dell Farms Twilight Tour, November 2012
Central Oregon Forest Fire Tour—Oregon’s Wildland Fire Challenges
Clackamas Tree Farm of the Year Tour
Demonstrations Highlight Tree Farmer of the Year Tour
Educator’s View of Forestry Tours
Forest Tour, J&C Belton Treefarms, Sandy, OR
Forestry Day a Hit
Freres Mill Tour
Gary Deardorff Twilight Tour
Graham Oaks Tour, August 2012
Hull-Oakes Tour, November 2012
Join the Tillamook Forest Tour on July 21
Log Marketing Tour at Helmig Tree Farm
Mill Tours—a Learning Experience
Natural History Walk
On May 8, Take Mom for a Walk...
Pacific Regeneration Technologies Nursery Tour, August 2012
Red Alder Tour, November 2012
State Tree Farmer of the Year Tour
Table Rock Tour Overwhelming Success
Tour of Eclectic Herb Farm
Tree Farmers Enjoy Volkswalk
Tribal Forestry Gives New Insight for CCFFA Members
Twilight Tour - Larry & Eunice Beyer Tree Farm
Twilight Tour of MERIPAH. A 2012 Nominee for Clackamas County Woodland Farmer of the Year
Twilight Tour - Rod Pike’s Solvang Tree Farm
Twilight Tour Season Kicks off 2012 with Pulpwood Yard in Molalla, May 2012
Visit to Starker Forests
Volksmarch and Forest Hike a Success
Western Black Walnut Tour Scheduled
Woodland Farmer of the Year, November 2013
Woodland Farmer of the Year Summer Picnic and Tour, August 2002
Woodland Farmer of the Year Summer Picnic & Tour, August 2004
W-W Ranch Twilight Tour
Yoder Sawmill Tour

Everything Else!

1997 Fire Season Sets Record
A Big Mudslide—January 2, 2009
A Bit of History with Slight Hysteria
A Pioneer Family Farm at 150: Report to our communities
“A Picnic in the Woods” Cookbook
Are You Prepared? May 2013
Are You Prepared? February 2011
A Tree Farmer’s Reward
Aerial Photographs Available Online
Basic Bookkeeping for Tree Farmers
Book Review: Pacific Spirit A Forest Reborn By Patrick Moore (Part 1)
Boundary Disputes: The Right Person for the Job
Bridging Small Streams 
Burning Issues
California Quarantines Several Pine Species
Candidates Sought for OFRI Board
Christmas Tree/ForestryContractor List Updated
Clackamas County Trucking Permits
Coffee Shop
Conifers to Burn? Well, Maybe!
Could this Happen to You?
D.L. Phipps Nursery for Sale
Dump Stopper Program
Estate Planning Presentation is Time Well Spent 
Equipment Show Review and Reflections
Family Forests Need to be Preserved
Farm/Ranch Insurance for Forestland Owners
Fire Agencies Ban Burning in Clackamas County
Fishing Club Meets Test of Time
Forestry Presentations Available for Community Groups
Free Forestry Publication Now Available Online
Game Cameras Provide Security?
Gator Aid
Getting Advice
Got Computer? Then you are ready to submit your “Notice ofOperation” to ODF!
Green – Is It Your Favorite Color?
Hardwood Operation Acquired by Weyerhaeuser Division
How Do You Make Decisions?
Hurricane Camille
I Would Like to Share My Story (Part 1)
I Would Like to Share My Story (Part 2)
Landowners Seek Relief from Illegal Disposal Problem
Local Conservation Assistance Available forPrivate Woodland Owners
Local Mill Ceases Operations
Local Tree Farms in the News with
Mad Hogs and Englishmen
Meetings: An Experience of a Lifetime
National Tree Farm Convention Held in Portland
New District Forester for North Cascade District
Operational Updates
Pine Tree Cozy Quilt to be Raffled Off at Tree School, March 20, 2010
Private Landowner Forestry Bridge Project
Property Boundaries, Etc...
Public Values Have Changed
Publications Available
Putting in a Large Culvert
Registering Your Tree Farm Name
Searching for Clues—What is Making My Tree Plantation Under-Perform?
Sharing Our Tree Farmer Experiences
Small Bridge Construction — One Method
Small Woodlands Equipment Show Planned for June 2010
So Where Did Those Trees Go, Anyway?
The Oregon Garden Grand Opening Set for Summer
The Samoan Cookhouse
The Sins of The Logger (Poem)
The Spirituality of Cutting Down Trees
The Well-Dressed Tree Farmer
Though I’m So Old, by Robert H. Mealey
To Be or Not To Be (Certified)
Trespassing Problems
Update to the Portable Sawmill Option
Using Cameras in the Forest—for security and wildlife applications
What Do Western Oregon’s Forests Look Like After a Century of Management?
What’s All the Excitement about GPS?

When the Road Department is Your Neighbor
Where Two Rivers Meet
Why the Public Doesn’t Care
Wilderness and Managed Forests — We Need Both
Wind Damage Devastating
Women Owning Woodlands Network (WOWnet)
Women Owning Woodlands Network Update, Fall 2014
Women Owning Woodlands—WOW Active in Clackamas County
Woodland Equipment and Demonstration Show