These articles appeared in the Northwest Woodlands Magazine. Northwest Woodlands Magazine is published quaterly by the World Forestry Center as a benefit of membership in the Oregon Small Woodlands Association, Washington Farm Forestry Association, Idaho Forest Owners Association and Montana Forest Owners Association.

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Northwest Woodlands Magazine Archive

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Everything Else

2000 Fall - Involving local schools in Forest Ecology and Silviculture
2000 Winter - Forest genetics: What's in it for the family forest owner?
2000 Winter - Genetics and the family forest
2001 Fall - Property taxes too high? Make certain of your land's tax designation
2003 Fall - Plywood fire insurance
2003 Spring - If you don't want it in you, don't get it on you
2004 Fall - Precision forestry pioneer
2004 Fall - Wild Thyme Farm explores all the angles
2004 Summer - A road in the forest
2004 Summer - Give me Forestry
2004 Summer - Recogniizing Education Opportunities
2004 Winter - Sustainable forestry for family forest owners
2005 Summer - Cultural resources: an opportunity
2005 Summer - Family forest owners growing new scholarship fund
2005 Summer - Forces Impacting the Future for Family Forest Owners
2005 Winter - Deep-rooted Memories
2005 Winter - Forest stewardship: One family's connection to time and place through trees
2005 Winter - Spring green
2005 Winter - The art of trees
2005 Winter - The continuing search for the right way
2005 Winter - The power of stewardship
2005 Winter - The Spirituality of Forestry
2005 Winter - When You’re So Old
2006 Spring - Biomass: fuel for change
2006 Spring - Carbon Credits: A developing forest products market
2006 Spring - Climate Change and Forests
2006 Spring - Nanotechnology: a revolution for forestry?
2006 Summer - Clackamas County Dump Stoppers Program a Success
2006 Winter - Lifestyle forest owners look at all values of the forest
2006 Winter - Nature and Resource Based Tourism: should I take this step?
2007 Fall - Alder creek children’s forest: connecting field and online place-based learning
2007 Winter - Nature and forests through the eyes of seventh graders
2008 Spring - How to choose a forest contractor
2008 Spring - Oregon farmer cultivates more than crops

Sales and Marketing

2003 Fall - Be prepared to market your trees
2003 Spring - Scaling and marketing tips offered
2005 Spring - Improving access to certified wood markets
2005 Summer - Sawmills like small trees now more than ever
2006 Spring - Does a marketing cooperative make sense?
2006 Spring - The future of wood products and how this may affect small woodland owners
2006 Winter - Commerical values of Western Juniper
2006 Winter - Forest industry directory helps buyers and sellers get together
2006 Winter - Log processing for added value
2006 Winter - New century forest products: Opportunities for the family forestland owner
2006 Winter - Northwest researchers and harvesters association helps to sustain the resource
2007 Spring - Adding hot air to your woodlands
2007 Spring - Adding value to your forestland
2007 Summer - China remains a growing but challenging market
2007 Summer - Competing in a globalizing market: an Oregon landowner perspective
2007 Summer - Forest products from South American plantation: impact on woodland owners
2007 Summer - Global forest products market: impacts on family forest owners
2007 Summer - Imports of European softwood lumber: impact on family forest owners in Oregon
2007 Summer - India, and emerging market for US forest products
2007 Summer - International log markets benefit Pacific Northwest tree farmers
2007 Summer - Marketing strategies for family owners
2008 Spring - Harvesting multiple product mixes for profitable stand treatments
2008 Spring - Merchandising logs: to get ahead, plan ahead!